About us

Strong Island Animal Rescue League focuses on outreach offering food, vaccines and proper shelters, answering local calls regarding injured, abused and neglected animals, and being a strong presence of education amongst people of all ages regarding animal cruelty laws in New York State. With years of experience in animal medicine, rescue and welfare their team is ready to take on Suffolk County's toughest and lowest income areas.



Frank Floridia


​ With 5 years of experience as the chief cruelty investigator for Guardians of Rescue, Frankie brings not only muscle but street smarts to Strong Island Animal Rescue League. He is respected throughout neighborhoods as a straight shooter and always has the animals best interests in mind. He won't give up until every creature is treated with respect and kindness.

​He is the proud guardian of many rescued pit bulls and mixed breeds that keep his home and family safe and protected. 

Vice President

Erica Kutzing


With 17 years of animal rescue experience and 7 years of animal medicine experience, Erica has a wealth of knowledge in animal care. Although she loves the thrill of high stress rescues, her interests have recently shifted to assisting dogs with terminal diseases when they end up in kill shelters.

Her home is filled with disabled cats, dogs and chickens and there is always room for more